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Aesthetic Enchantments,


Following curating and exhibiting within The Future of Fashion at Sketch staged during London Fashion Week 2018, Holly Jade releases 3 fine art prints for 2019:

Incandescent Rose - an opulent ruby and shell pink rose garden is painted across a gold and azure sky, lending vivacious romance and festive glamour to your home decor.

Bijoux Cirque features fairytale illustrations featuring characters from a Venetian carnivale. The vivacious use of gold, purple and red, and the intricate faces are designed to draw the viewer into a decadent world of fantasy and storytelling, where anything is possible.

Rocaille Angels features cherubim and putti within a fresco and lake filled with waterlillies, fashionable within 17th & 18th century decoration. The design is inspired by the architecture of Inigo Jones at Somerset House, and the relationship of psychogeography to the lived experience, with the properties of ornamental designs, whether imaginative or echoing the natural world gifting the ability to lend aethestic enchantment.

All of the fine art prints are framed to order in FSC® certified wood within an artisan studio, in the UK.


Incandescent Rose

Sophia .jpg

Rocaille Angels

Rocaille Angels (2017).jpg

"Everything she touches turns to gold"

Pemberly Fox

Bijoux Cirque

Bijoux CIrque Angels Tablecloth.jpg