Holly Jade o'learY


"She makes one dream come true after another" - Der Tagesspiegel (German broadsheet 2015)

Collaboration with RUSH Hair Salon for their British Hairdresser of the Year 2017 nomination out December 2017

What's your vision?

Holly Jade accepts commissions for the creation of bespoke fairy tales and fantasias, blending classical glamour and contemporary style.

She works closely with her clients to facilitate their imagination, from product launches and events, to campaign concept and artwork creation.

She offers a dedicated approach to art direction, writing and illustration, events production and performance.

Recycled materials are used to create luxury limited edition products, bespoke couture and paper crafts from her Design Studio.

Luxury Bespoke Fantasias

Award winning Art Direction

Production Design, Entertainment, Music, Installations, and Performance Art

Personal styling services, editorial, product launches, galas, events, exhibitions, weddings and private parties.

Laser cut invitations and illustrations.

Contact us for a bespoke quotation, including a 60 minute consultation free of charge.

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Radio Presenter and Musician

Art Director and Co Founder of The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company

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