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Please email to discuss commissions for styling, artwork, sustainable fashion and bespoke events production.

Makeversity, Somerset House,


Award winning creative director, stylist and events producer. Eco luxury invitations, gifts, personal styling, interior decoration, and sustainable design.


Artist's CV

Holly Jade O'Leary manages a Creative Studio from Somerset House.

Past clients include Prangsta Costumiers, Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, Red Bull, Pearl Lowe, Anna Friel, Rhys Ifans, Hodder and Stoughton and Lila's Jewels amongst others. She has exhibited on an international basis and has been interviewed by Der Tagesspiegel, The Guardian and Time Out amongst other publications. 

Her background is on the intersect of music, art, fashion and theatre.

She accepts commissions for illustration, styling, bespoke design, writing, and art direction, and for the creation of bespoke events.

Holly Jade O'Leary grew up in Cornhill Manor House in Northamptonshire, followed by a move to Somerset. She began writing for NME at 15 years old, followed by Notion Magazine, driven by a passion for music.

Unusual encounters in a bohemian upbringing lead to a fascination with illustrating sensation, using a multiplicity of creative mediums to communicate aesthetically - poetry, theatre, costume, perfume, nature's patina.

Within her textile art she is strongly influenced by her mother's practical use of colour, stained light and natural dyes. 

Social responsibility is a fundamental to her work, engaging in environmentally positive activities, supporting cruelty free beauty and sustainable luxury.

She is currently creating a focus group based around the ethical jewellery industry and supply chain, from artisinal miners to jewellery retailers.  

As an art director she wishes engage in a consumer faced approach and encourage small scale, independent and decentralised business on a global level. No humans, animals or natural resources should ever be viewed as exploitable resources..




2004 - Buckinghamshire New University, BA (Hons) Music Industry Management

2017 - 2018 - Contemporary Dance & Ballet - tutored by Diana Eugeni Le Quesne

2015 - 17 - Vocal Tuition - tutored by Sarah Iman Telman

2012 - London International School of Performing Arts - Devising Theatre and Performance

2008 - 2013 - Head stylist & manager at Prangsta Costumiers and Prangsta Entertainment. Tutored by Melanie Wilson (Central St Martins) in London's leading high fashion and art atelier, couture designs made using recycled materials.

2001 - Kilve Court - Fine Art and Illustration

Performances, Productions and Exhibitions


13/09 - The Future of Fashion fine art exhibition and fashion installation at sketch, 9 conduit street, London W1S 2XG

29/06 - Summer Peach Arts & Literary Party, Mayfair, performed as a singer/songwriter/guitarist at a private penthouse party

09/06 - Summer Peach Arts & Literary Party, Mayfair - provided artwork and curated performance for a private penthouse party

213/04 - 'A Deconstructed Fairytale' with Label Press at St Andrews University. Presented at Rufflets Hotel, Strathkiness, Scotland


19/12 - Mayfair - Uncut performance party

14/06 - 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' exhibition with Julie Goldsmith The Library Club, St.  Martin's Lane, London

03/06  'The Beauty of Nature' Theatrical catwalk show presented by DI Events at The No. 41 Club, Kensington, London

09/03 - Styling and Art Direction workshop 'How to Deliver Exceptional Campaigns' teaching at Somerset House, London

14/02 - 'The Fairy Emporium'  - High Fashion Exhibition at DI Events Valentine's Masquerade Ball, Home House, London


03/12 - Joie de Vivre, Library private members' club, Leicester Square, London

25/09 - Carnesky's Finishing School, Soho, London

05/09 - Cougars in America, Green Monday Radio Show, Plateau Gallery, The Greenhouse, Berlin, Germany
04/09 - A Bridge to the Past - Plateau Gallery, The Greenhouse, Berlin, Germany
28/07 - Grow Hackney, London, UK
20/07 - 'The Starlight Fantasia' The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company- Vout-O-Reenees, London, UK
28/07- The Symposium, Housman's Radical Bookshop, London, UK
29/05 - 'The Enchanted Garden' The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company, Home House, London, UK


31/10 - 'The Muses of Ourania' The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company, Viona Art Studio, Schloss Heinrichhorst Castle, Germany
16/08 - Boomtown Fair, Hampshire, UK
08/08 - Freudian Slips, Berlin, Germany
27/08 - Freudian Slips, Berlin, Germany
13/07 - The Macbeth, London, UK
12/07 - Travellers of the Stars and Void, Breaking Convention, Greenwich University, London, UK
04/04 - Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin, UK
20/04 - The Keller Theatre, Berlin, UK
01/03 - 30/08 - Artist Residency - Kunstlerhaus Parkstrasse, Berlin, UK
20/03 - Travellers of the Stars and Void, The Wolf Theatre, Berlin, Germany
24/02 - Multicultural Art Vernissage, Plateau Gallery, The Greenhouse, Berlin, Germany


20/12 - Travellers of the Stars and Void, The Greenhouse, Berlin, Germany
06/12 - Travellers of the Stars and Void, The Greenhouse, Berlin, Germany
24/11 - Travellers of the Stars and Void, Sensa Nostra Magazine, Loftus Hall, Berlin, Germany
28/09 - Joie De Vivre, Bar Mathilde, Berlin, Germany
29/08 - The Colour Parade, Berlin, Germany
13/07 - SXX Sells, Berlin, Germany
16/07 - 'Bed of Venus' Travellers of the Stars and Void, Plateau Gallery, Berlin, Germany
18/02 - The Fan, Music Video, Berlin, Germany
01/02 - 16/05 - Co founder and Art Director of Berlin Alternative Fashion Week


20/11 - The Dancer, The Devil and Death, Film Screening. Modern Panic, London, UK
03 - 06/08 - Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire, UK
16 - 18/07 - 'Phantasmagoria' Travellers of the Stars and Void, Breaking COnvention, Greenwich University
15/06 - 'Goblins, Ghost Ships and Mermaids', The Old Tidemill School, London, UK
05/05 - The Taxi Cabaret, The Old Tidemill School, London, UK
01/02 - The Belle Époque February Feelgood Ball, Park Lane Hotel, London, UK


08 -11/08 - Prangsta Entertainment & Boudoir, Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire, UK
19 -22/07- Prangsta Entertainment, Secret Garden Party, UK
04/05 - The Goblin King's Masquerade Ball, London, Uk


06/10 - It's Your Funeral, London, UK
09 - 11/09 - Prangsta Entertainment, Bestival, Isle of Wight, UK
23/06 - - Prangsta Circus and Cabaret, Volupte Lounge, London, UK
22/03 - Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Hodder and Stoughton's Bi Annual Book Launch, Café de Paris, London
22/01 - Oro de Ojo, Corsica Studios, London, Uk


01/10 - Prangsta Boudoir at Boardwalk Empire launch party, The Candlelight Club, London, UK
18/09 - The Goblin King's Court of Disorder, London, UK
01/07 - Smoke and Mirrors, London, UK
15/04 - Smoke and Mirrors, London, UK
04 - 05 - Artist's residency The Jamboree, London, UK


25/09 - Quintessentially Soho - The Fair of St. Barnabus, Prangsta Boudoir, The House of St. Barnabus, London, UK
11 - 13/09 - 'The Zodiac' Prangsta Entertainment, Bestival, Isle of Wight, UK
Prangsta Boudoir at Quintessentially's Summer Party sponsored by Perrier Jouet, Kensington Palace, London, UK
08/09 - The House of Fairytales, Tate Modern , London, Uk
21/06 - White Mischief, Love Festival, London, UK


25/11- Prangsta Entertainment presents Saga Circus, UK
05 - 08/09- Prangsta Boudoir, Bestival, Isle of Wight, UK