Rococo Angels (2017) Gold Oak Laquer Frame

Rococo Angels (2017) Gold Oak Laquer Frame


A fine art print of the watercolour, ink and gold leaf original, depicting a neoclassical fantasy tableaux.

An abundant flora and fauna of vines, vases, fairy characters and cherubim draw parallels with the significance of the architecture which enfolds cities and dwellings, lifting the mind of the inhabitants. A golden moon floats in the foreground, whilst the central role of the bridge transports the viewer into a ocean filled with waterlilies and aquatic life, lending aesthetic enchantment.

The Rococo Angels is printed on Innova fine art etched paper and double mounted in Ivory Powder and New Cream. The frame is FSR ® Oak with a golden laquer stain finished, and measures 115 mm deep making a glamorous statement piece on any wall.

Paper: Innova Etching 315gsm Cotton Rag Soft

External Frame Size: E 549 x 621mm

Glazing 2mm Float Glass


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