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Award winning creative director, stylist and events producer. Eco luxury invitations, gifts, personal styling, interior decoration, and sustainable design.


Today I commented on Holly Willoughby’s style for The Daily Star in an article by Samantha Bartlett. Holly maintains a close relationship with her fans by regularly blogging her looks from high street brands on Instagram. Fashion over the past 10 years has drawn a lot from alternative culture and individuation, and it is refreshing to find Holly natural, healthy body shape and beauty beloved by the nation. I wonder if the royal weddings this year have encouraged a move back to modern sophistication and romantic tradition? Her natural, feminine glamour and approachable style means that she is beloved by the nation, and a Style Queen - go girll!


Make Up @ 'Wear a Piece of Art' photoshoot at Haute Presents

Holly O'Leary

Images from behind the scenes at small but perfectly formed gallery  "Haute Presents' Berlin.

 Haute Presents are launching a collection of silk scarves featuring a selection of image by inventive, surreal artist Brandt Parker.

On location at the gallery, directed by Maxine Noth, I create 3 unique, exotic looks on models; rock kitten Laura Pekkarinen and the riotous and gorgeously absurd Jackie Dali, photographed by fine art photographer and auteur Andrea Galad, to showcase the apparel.

 Image by Andrea Galad

Image by Andrea Galad

 The Production Director, and the amazing lady who brought our team together was Shadi Kareb.

Maxine Noth and Shadi Kareb
 Behind scenes at Haute Presents

Behind scenes at Haute Presents

My work reflects an inner fantastical world, often absurd and capricious, which stems from a lifelong fascination with the surreal. My inspiration is fueled by dreams and the idea of in-between realms where my reveries become a reality
Brandt Parker
 Jackie Dali

Jackie Dali

Together, we created a little magic, combining an exotic, avant garde and prestige aesthetic with an element of beat romance. ...Iconic!