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 To All Beating Hearts

To All Beating Hearts

I have been on the run since I was 14, I feel sub human
— 24 year old man in the 'Jungle' camp, Calais

One of the fundamental elements that philosophers and sociologists attempt to analyse is that of the problem of truth, and of knowledge. How much does one actually know, whether through primary, vicarious or secondary experience?

No papers, no documents, escaping from war torn countries and nowhere else to go. 

Can you imagine? I would like to open discourse; a Symposium, as to what can be done to help the refugees escaping Syria, and other countries. Like many others I would like to prioritise compassion.  I would like to see a cessation of violence, a diplomatic solution to the crisis, and, fundamentally right now, open access to equal rights, regardless of land of provenance. 

To all beating hearts. From the divide of sun to sun, there is little between them; us.
The elements, the way we wash, the unique patina of eyes and the way we love. Clouds do not part for the borders placed on maps.
— Holly Jade O'Leary
 'Red Rose' dress close up, formed of torn antique lace found in a meadow in Somerset.

'Red Rose' dress close up, formed of torn antique lace found in a meadow in Somerset.


As I prepare to launch my own business I feel it is fundamental and imperative to outline an ethical, humanitarian social policy, which extends to animal welfare and positive environmentalism, to prioritise inclusion and compassion. I welcome any advice, invitations to think tanks, meetings, lectures and field research as I investigate social enterprises and how I can raise funding and awareness to support this agenda. 

When I first left London, in 2013, the streets on the outskirts of the boroughs were thick with 'Go Home Immigrant' vans, inviting members of the public to text them.

This sickened me to the core, that my taxes were complicit in overt, state condoned racism. The use of the vans was so loaded, the creation of a dichotomy, of an 'us and them' divide made a terrifying statement which I did not want to participate in.

There are many elements of the UK and the EU that are amazing and I do not wish to negate or denegrate these privileges. The NHS, public libraries, sanitation, cultural heritage, the preservation of beautiful landscapes and more. I certainly feel so lucky to be able to contemplate this from the relatively comfortable surroundings of my Berlin studio, right now.

We could be more compassionate. 

As individuals, surely we all have the right to live freely, in respect of others. 

I am examining marketing materials, and at the same time reading about the abhominable eviction of the Jungle camp in Calais. What can I do?

There is an agenda beloved of corporations and marketing managers, sociologists and psychologists, as set by Maslow in his groundbreaking study of the healthiest 1% of  of the population; to prioritise health and happiness. To find out what they had in common and how the utilitarian concept could be prioritised; the maximisation of happiness. 

Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs'. The oft quoted text fundamental to much of Western further education studies. The foundations of these drivers are taught across business and HR departments, to understand the persona of the consumer.


But what about the rights of the refugee, the immigrant, shouldn't they also receive the same fulfilment of the proposed fundamentals of the human psyche and the keys to self actualisation?

Lieu de Vie (Reuters)

We have a set of needs that must to be satisfied in order to function and to reach our highest state of wellbeing and full potential. Our basic needs are physiological; we need to be healthy and well, free from illness and pain. Eat well, receive the right amount of nutrients for our nervous and cognitive systems to be regulated, drink enough water, and have ready access to this water.

Then we also require safety, to be safe from harm and live without fear, to be secure, and sheltered. To have a roof over our heads, food on the table, the knowledge that both are sustainable. A deficiency in meeting any of these needs innately motivates when unmet; as flowers turn their heads to follow the sun, each carries a will to survive.

The need to fulfill such needs will become stronger the longer they are denied, for instance, the longer someone goes without food the more hungry they become. Whilst breaking the stratas of functionality within the human condition seems a little reductive, and places one as subject to the basic mechanisms of the flesh and blood, never the less cherishing our biology is fundamental in this realm.

One of my favourite quotes is outlined below, in examination of 'the hand' :

‘This shape which interrupts the light - it is enough to think of it for 5 minutes to perceive that it exists simultaneously in a dozen parallel worlds. It exists as electrical charges; as chemical molecules; as living cells; as part of a moral being, the instrument of good and evil; in the physical world and in the mind. And from this one goes on to ask, inevitably, what relationship exists between these different modes of being. What is there in common between life and chemistry; between good and evil and electric charges; between a collection of cells and the consciousness of a caress?

It’s here that the gulf begins to open. For there isn’t any connection - that one can see at any rate. Universe lies on the top of universe, later after later, distinct and separate... And each one has just as much right to exist and call itself as real as any other. And you can’t explain one in terms of the others...The only hope ... is that, perhaps, if you went on thinking long enough and hard enough, you might arrive at an explanation... Perhaps it’s really... all mind, all spirit. The rest is only apparent, an illusion’
— Aldous Huxley

The third layer, in Maslow's hierachy is that of love, and belonging. Nurturing a family, relationships, a sense of belonging, and of community.

Self esteem: achievement, justified pride, inspiration, a mastery of self, self worth; a pleasure derived from one's work, creativity and respect within this arena: the final strata enjoyed by the healthiest 1% is that of self actualisation, fulfilment against all adversities. 

Sophisticated equipment is used to alert both Greek and EU authorities when a migrant boat has departed from Turkey, crossed into EU waters. Once a person has crossed the border it is illegal to send people back once they reach the EU, what is referred to as pushbacks. However, many NGO's and migrants have reported occurrences of illegal push backs / masked men attempting to stop migrants before they reach Europe. These masked man are allegedly the Greek border authorities, there are allegations of excessive violence.

“Deficiency needs” or “d-needs”: esteem, friendship and love, security, and physical needs. If these “deficiency needs” are not met – with the exception of the most fundamental (physiological) need – there may not be a physical indication, but the individual will feel anxious and tense.
— Abraham Maslow 'Motivation and Personality'


Joy is an architect. There must be a way.

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