Make Up Art: Haute Presents

Photography by Andrea Galad

Final Images of Haute Presents boutique of Brandt Parker's unique silk scarves.

Haute Presents launches an exquisite collection of silk scarves: a collaboration with Berlin based artist Brant Parker.

Maxine Noth, Arts Curator & MD says:

"He does amazing oil paintings which bring out a childlike fantasy mixed with the adult mind, they can be quite creepy, the transient nature of dreams. The scarves are coming out in a limited edition of 10, 10 prints, luxury items which are a piece of artwork, which you can surround and enfold yourself in. Art becomes tactile.You can’t normally surrounded yourself in a fine art painting! The cloth is silk, organic, and ethical. Fashion isn’t fast food, the same artwork should be, understanding these aspect with a moarl heart. The online boutique is an extension of the gallery, and the availability, the internet provides a good platform to do so."