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Today I commented on Holly Willoughby’s style for The Daily Star in an article by Samantha Bartlett. Holly maintains a close relationship with her fans by regularly blogging her looks from high street brands on Instagram. Fashion over the past 10 years has drawn a lot from alternative culture and individuation, and it is refreshing to find Holly natural, healthy body shape and beauty beloved by the nation. I wonder if the royal weddings this year have encouraged a move back to modern sophistication and romantic tradition? Her natural, feminine glamour and approachable style means that she is beloved by the nation, and a Style Queen - go girll!


Starspelled and Sparkle - In Creation with Scorpio!

Holly O'Leary

So wonderful to have confirmed Scorpio (Antonio Bonacci) as production manager with The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company. 

Scorpio is incredibly talented, and fastidious - much of his work and costumes have been made using recycled materials over the years. He has previously had a collection 'Objets Trouve' in Liberty, has worked for Jean Paul Gaultier, Paul O'Grady, modelled for Vivienne Westwood and spent years in theatre & the arts.

Now we are in an inspired collaboration discussing fairytales, the Rococo palaces of Versailles, the intricacies of history, fantasies, illustrations torn from the pages of the Arabian nights - making plans to carve a serious niche, like never before, & set our unique stars, writing and focus high on the creation of unique bespoke fantasias, combining performance, dance and incredible set design. Much of our world is sheer fantasy yet its architecture lies in reality and the wild expanses of our imaginations, the drive and passion to promote cultural integration, sustainability and environmental preservation.

We will share some unique behind the scenes insight into the arts of glamour - arts & crafts, tiara making, textile art process and theatre design and provide some valuable tutorials into how to create beauty using found objets d'Art and recycled materials.