Cougars in America - Green Monday

Holly Jade O'Leary & Dario Chillemi present 'Cougars in America' on Green Monday, created by Domenico Prem (I Need Radio Funkhaus),  a brand new radio station broadcasting legendary music and arts venue The Greenhouse, Berlin, on the 8th Floor.

This radio station curates a selection of unique live artists offering a direct, intimate portrait of the city's diverse live musical artists, and topical socio-political discussions.

Folk, baroque, classical guitar, cuban, blues, indian classical, flamenco, rocknroll and exotic music is played  by Holly Jade O'Leary, Dario Chillemi, Felix, Rasheedi Graffiti and guest artists, including interpretations of compositions from 700 years ago, and presenting potential solutions for a humanitarian future.

Reinterpretations of myths, legends, and classical studies how they pertain to be relevant in the participation of a modern Renaissance within music, theatre and the performing arts.

Holly Jade O'Leary and Dario Chillemi collaborate in the creation of 'A Bridge to the Past', alongside other artists, a narrative beginning with modern contemporary .. a journey travelling across the centuries.. the 19th century, romanticism, baroque, the Renaissance, Medieval, Oriental classicism, and the primitive... to be iconsied by a totem, whilst Holly Jade o'Leary recites romantic influenced  poetry including 'The Ballad of the Evening Sun' and creates evocative living tableaux.

'The Muses of Ourania', is an interdisciplinary performance in construction, which includes classical and world musical studies of the planets, original writing, choreography, immersive theatre, and contemporary dance.

'Face the Fear' a song by Dario Chillemi examines the political situation, Dario's upbringing in mafioso Sicily whilst Berlisconi relevent sectors pertaining to the indivdual's experience and training. Currently the Tempelhof Refugee Centre requires arts supplies for children's workshops.

Please contact Elle Peril: theberlinexperiment@gmail.comto donate art supplies.