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'A Deconstructed Fairytale'


Today I commented on Holly Willoughby’s style for The Daily Star in an article by Samantha Bartlett. Holly maintains a close relationship with her fans by regularly blogging her looks from high street brands on Instagram. Fashion over the past 10 years has drawn a lot from alternative culture and individuation, and it is refreshing to find Holly natural, healthy body shape and beauty beloved by the nation. I wonder if the royal weddings this year have encouraged a move back to modern sophistication and romantic tradition? Her natural, feminine glamour and approachable style means that she is beloved by the nation, and a Style Queen - go girll!


'A Deconstructed Fairytale'

Holly O'Leary

Holly Jade O'Leary's latest catwalk show presented an Autumn / Winter 2018 capsule collection at 'A Deconstructed Fairytale' at Rufflets Hotel, Scotland, in association with Label Magazine at St. Andrews University on the 13th April 2018.

Garments are manufactured using sustainably sourced fabrics - GOTS certified organic cotton satin, bamboo silk and GOTS certified organic cotton tuppet lace in a couture studio in London, and an artisan factory in Scotland.

Visit the gallery for images: 

A/W 2018

‘What is the modern fairytale?’ ‘What labels are we expected to embody?’ These were some of the questions posited by Label Magazine, at St Andrews University, who staged ‘A Deconstructed Fairytale’ runway at Rufflets Hotel on 13th April 2018.

Holly Jade O’Leary’s headlining A/W 2018 collection ‘A Deconstructed Fairytale’ is modelled by students at St Andrews University consists of stylish modern classics manufactured in the UK using sustainably sourced fabrics, GOTS certified organic cotton, bamboo satin, and beach or city GOTS certified organic cotton tuppet lace. Superfine wool and cashmere blends in elegant neutrals - milky white, camel, crimson, and midnight are woven by a family run mill in West Yorkshire. The theatrical millenial pink ‘Juno’ suit, and ‘Venus’ morning and evening star backless gown introduces sophisticated glamour. The collection closed with the bespoke ‘Incandescence Rose’ corseted cocktail dress in peach sparkling lace, botanical printed velvet, leopard print and coral, and ‘Rose’ pink fairytale ballgown - showpieces created entirely using reclaimed materials.

In the Modern Fairytale we are surrounded by choices; what to buy, what to believe in, how to make all these dreams come true? Every item has a story behind it - and it is hoped that in making small steps to encourage environmental and social responsibility, and a traceable and transparent supply chain we write the future of sustainable fashion.