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Award winning creative director, stylist and events producer. Eco luxury invitations, gifts, personal styling, interior decoration, and sustainable design.

'The Beauty of Nature' collection at DI Fashion Catwalk


Today I commented on Holly Willoughby’s style for The Daily Star in an article by Samantha Bartlett. Holly maintains a close relationship with her fans by regularly blogging her looks from high street brands on Instagram. Fashion over the past 10 years has drawn a lot from alternative culture and individuation, and it is refreshing to find Holly natural, healthy body shape and beauty beloved by the nation. I wonder if the royal weddings this year have encouraged a move back to modern sophistication and romantic tradition? Her natural, feminine glamour and approachable style means that she is beloved by the nation, and a Style Queen - go girll!


'The Beauty of Nature' collection at DI Fashion Catwalk

Holly O'Leary

The Number 41 Club

The Number 41 Club, Kensington, famed for 'Parisienne Decadence in the heart of London.' I was inivited to exhibit 'The Beauty of Nature' collection on 3rd June by DI Fashion:  

Slip into sparkling stardust. Vegan artist Holly Jade O’Leary uses reclaimed materials and found

objects, recycled silk and distressed lace to create beautiful, decadent evening wear and stage

wear available in limited edition lines. Structured, feminine forms combine with graceful fluidity and bohemian glamour.

The Goddess Dress

The Goddess Dress

Buttercup recycled silk dress £50.00

Beaded 'Kestos' necklace £180.00

Gold Bijoux Babydoll

Gold Bijoux Babydoll

Distressed gold lace, contemporary Rococo babydoll dress £250.00

Red Rose Corseted Dress

Red Rose Corseted Dress

Antique lace and hand embellishments combine to vivid effect in this textile art tapestry cocktail dress £250.00

The White Showgirl

Dancer's playsuit, stretch white lyotard embellished with real recycled fresh water pearls, and pink chiffon train £180.00 

The NUmber 41 Club