What makes the city's heart beat? Fairyland at Library London

What makes the city's heart beat?  Nestled on St. Martin's Lane, between theatres, art galleries and bookstores, Library London stage intimate, characterful events.

Lilly Iaschelchic models 'Buttercup Sunshine' at The Library Club

Lilly Iaschelchic models 'Buttercup Sunshine' at The Library Club

We sipped cocktails in the Library, and discussed contemporary fashion and interior design with London's leading artists at the member's club. Trending right now?

Sustainable fashion, experiences, individuality, health and wellness, global development and internconnectivity, finding the essence. 

It's all about authenticity, knowledge, artisan production. Hard or soft Brexit - we are loving the Earth.

The V & A are opening a exhibition dedicated to sustainable fashion in 2018, having identified the fashion industry as one of the world's biggest industrial polluter, second only to oil. The apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions with drastic environmental impact. In addition to this high street 'fast' fashion may often involves the exploitation of garment factory workers, in cities such as Dhaka, Bangladesh. Noone in contemporary society should face exploitation. What can we do?

Can you imagine the impact of generational labour, poverty and inhumane environmental conditions on physical, and mental health? With every purchase that is made, a ripple is sent through the supply chain - we need to make a conscious choice. 

The 3P's

The 3 principles of proactive business  - pro people. pro planet and pro profit.

If a higher price is paid to guarantee quality it also ensures that the garment will most likely have a better fit and be more valued. To improve working conditions on a global basis more investment needs to be made in sustainable, slow fashion and asking the right questions of suppliers. 

Ornate textile art created by Holly Jade O'Leary using reclaimed materials and a bricolage of found objects which reflect the texture of nature was displayed and modelled by Alessandra Beautyside, Iga Wowski, Lilly Iaschelcic and Airin AIzoo - intelligent, creative women who are carving a niche as the life and soul of London's fashion party scene.  

Fairyland at The Library London

Fairyland at The Library London

This was showcased with hair by Unique Strands and accompanying music by soul and jazz maestro Jack Tyson Charles resplendent on piano keys. 

Was that Paddy McAloon in the audience, the mysterious gentleman guest dressed in a white suit?

We danced to the ethereal world music composer and singer Jovana Backovic. Between the intricate bricolage of Julie Goldsmith's surreal fairy characters  'A Midsummer Night's Dream' came alive.