Opera Rose

'Between candlelights and dusk dark velvet knights, drinking from cut glass lips under stained light skies. Watch this world with gleaming, glittering eyes, they say there are still great stories to be told...' 

Opera Rose.JPG


This charming golden cocktail dress is designed for hot summer beaches, tropical flowers and twilight, with the heat of the sun still twinkling on sandy skin. It is the kind of dress which is filled with memories, strewn pearls, kisses, gifts of pink roses in gilted opera boxes. 

Made entirely using reclaimed materials the stories have been preserved within the sparkles and the fairies are never far away. Even framed on a wall, a golden hand reaches towards a window, a bell twinkles from a distant star, a dancer twirls and lifts her body to the sky, flowers ripple under the wings of a southern storm of butterflies tracing the petal coasts. 

Bespoke couture dress from £1200.00  - this features handbeaded butterflies, handmade roses, diamonds and crystals on diamond patchwork, intricate lace and 1000 memories.

This dress will feature as part of the 'Fairytales' themed collection at St Andrews's University, Scotland with Label Magazine staging at Rufflets Hotel on 13th April 2018