Buttercup Sunshine

Buttercup Sunshine


Images of Mucha's goddesses in archways . An eyecatching dress made of a light layer of crystals; stardust and gemstones, sequins, lace and corseting.

The wearable art piece took over a month to create, and is perfect for cocktail parties.

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The Fairy Emporium retails a selection of lovingly crafted, and responsibly sourced designs and luxury handmade gifts, made in London.

Holly Jade O'Leary launches her debut collection 'The Fairy Emporium' for the party season, named after fantasias, goddesses, gods, flowers and states of nature.
Corseting, an abundance of crystals and gemstones, distressed velvet, antique lace, hand bead work, textile art, couture, and dying techniques combine with contemporary appeal.

Her vivid imagination has gone to town in producing a luxury art collection which is equally at home on stage, as evening wear, on display or metamorphosing into the natural landscape.  Separates can be worn as vivacious street wear. Tiaras and necklaces are exquisitely packaged and make beautiful seasonal gifts.