Golden Goddess Dress

Golden Goddess Dress


'The Golden Goddess' dress is a limited edition line available size 6 - 12, or made to order, using recycled silk and embellishments. The limited edition line is beautifully packaged in a luxury, handpainted gift box.

Recycled white silk, distressed golden lace, cream satin ribbons and a feminine and exceptionally flattering cut make this dress perfect for evening wear, avant garde day wear or a walk along a tropical beach, the tide lapping at your toes under the Summer's sun.


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This limited edition collection of recycled white silk and distressed golden lace is made to reflect the light, using sustainably sourced and recycled materials, off cuts that would have other wise have been thrown away.

The reason why I use recycled materials is to create beauty and restore beauty. There is so much to be cherished in individuality, in listening to people's stories and creating one off pieces or small lines that will be treasured in history. Once this fabric is gone it is gone, and the next limited edition line will be made. I currently manufacture everything by hand, with a small creative team at Somerset House. As an artist I

This offers unique, one off pieces made for individuals that will be impossible to replicate. I would rather use an exquisite find than see it be discarded and I believe there is a growing demand for sustainably sourced couture, and artistic freedom of self expression.