Juno blazer (midnight) Freya tank (caramel) Juno pencil skirt (mdinight)

Juno blazer (midnight) Freya tank (caramel) Juno pencil skirt (mdinight)

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The Juno suit is named after the Roman goddess of finance, and the Queen of the Heavens. Needless to say, this sophisticated set for the ambitious working woman offers effortless style and chic.

The midnight blazer and skirt are pictured here in midnight, an inky black shade of a soft, lovely to touch cashmere/wool blend sourced from a three generation family run mill in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Here is it paired with the low v neck Freya tank top, in caramel fine wool.

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Slow fashion and sustainable luxury - preorder now. Garments take 3 weeks to be made in Edinburgh.