Venus Eyes

An organ with Bach’s register of chords

Diving the heavenly planets into frequencies

Into harmonies

Is he dividing god from man?

The devil’s notes erase in time


Ravens possessed by the spirit of Morrigan

Washing the blood out of soldiers clothes again

Antique lace wrought from the seabed

Unfolds across heather gorse and skyline

Was it worth it, was it worth the fight?


Lay down your arms and rest

Crown poets with bay leaves

Tiptoe down the timeline

Ripple the leylines


The body’s shadow cast against the shades of its waves

The grace of colour in flight

The shadows ripple in white

No human face, no animal, no machine

Caused this rhythm


The elements of the foundations

Cast slivers of spirits

Peacock rainbow angel wings unfurl

Forming gods out of man

The heat at the heart of that which forms

And forms her brother out of light

The shadows ripple in white


A golden silver weave surrounds

Transforms and plays

Cascades its scrying in the river

Where the feet of the sealife kick the waters

And swans beat the waves

Shining backwards on the currents

Their heat echoes hers

The young ones in their nests

Grey feathers and red throats

Beaks yellow on twilight’s curtains

No human grace, no animal, no machine caused

This rhythm


In Golden Venus eyes

The sun behind the sun

Golden Venus eyes

The sun behind the sun