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Award winning creative director, stylist and events producer. Eco luxury invitations, gifts, personal styling, interior decoration, and sustainable design.

Calligraphied by the Sun's Sonnets

Calligraphied by the Sun’s Sonnets

Calligraphied by the sun’s sonnets

In the intrigues past the old embers

Of dancing courtesans

Of fae shivas and fading lights

And the click of castanets

City flickers


A trinket tailor watches the clocks and washes his hands

A rainbow lands at the feet of an upsid’d down leprachaun

Unfurling an open archway whereupon

18th century chaos explorers set their maps and time the sun

Taliesin, Esmeralda, Moonweed, Ruby, Ether, Septicus Androgynous,

the Oriental magi and the lavender boys

Starspelled and Sparkle

The Oracle and Orchestra

On fairy wings part the stars

Stop counting in the fire

And put your blossoms on


Watched by his twinkling eyes

These streets are never empty they are always rolling

These streets are never empty they are always rolling

City flickers