DAISY LOWE's 21st Birthday party

The theme was 'The Enchanted Garden', sponsored by Red Bull, set at Babington House, sister of Soho House, providing set design and costumes to celebrity British model Daisy Lowe, and 150 family and friends in a beautiful country home in Frome, Somerset. 

Red Bull Photo Nathan Gallagher.jpg

enchanted and mythic wonder

I oversaw the production of Prangsta Boudoir, carefully planning the creative direction of a set design and a wardrobe filled with conceptual high fashion fantasy couture, getting excited over collating moodboards and inspiration, and communicating to the incredible team at Prangsta Design studio what needed to be made whilst fitting guests. 

The theme was Enchanted and Mythic Wonder couture, featured exclusively by Vogue Magazine. and blogged by many guests. The event was sponsored by Red Bull and the event produced in association with House of Fairytales

Hear what Daisy had to say here:  Vogue - What A Night!

Guests included Pearl Lowe, Danny Goffey, Clara Paget, Chris Tove, Liz Matthews, Alexa Chung and many more who visited Prangsta's atelier to create their character prior to delivery and styling at the event. Daisy wore a dress which she designed with Kate Halfpenny, and an exquisite Ice Queen showgirl by Prangsta Costumiers.