Bijoux Cirque Fine Art Print 569mm x 569mm Black Frame

Bijoux Cirque Fine Art Print 569mm x 569mm Black Frame


The Bijoux Cirque print features bright and playful fairytale putti and cherubim characters, which could be within a Venetian carnival, or drawn from a Parisienne music hall within the 17th and 18th century Rocaille ornamentation which adorns frescos and friezes. Inspired by illustrators such as Mucha, Arthur Rackham, Erte and Kay Nielsen, Holly Jade O’Leary paints beautiful and enchanting worlds filled with vivacity and colour.


Picture Frames (including mounts, any printing paper, backing back boards etc – anything timber based.) are made from FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council®) certified wood, this means that there is no:

  • Slave labour used in production

  • Destruction of habitat for endangered species

  • Destruction of indigenous peoples’ traditional way of life

  • Pollution of Forest regions

  • Over-harvesting of Forestry adding to climate change

  • Image Width: 431mm
    Image Height: 431mm
    Paper: Innova Etching 315gsm Cotton Rag Soft Texture
    Backboard: yes
    Panel Thickness: 1mm

    Aperture Width: 431mm
    Aperture Height: 431mm

    Top Margin: 64.00mm
    Side Margin: 64.00mm
    Bottom Margin: 64.00mm
    Top Mountboard: Pale Ivory - 8674

    Inner Margin: 5.00mm
    Inner Mountboard: New Cream - 8003

    Artwork Width: 431mm
    Artwork Height: 431mm
    Moulding: Black lacquer Oak frame made from FSC® certified wood

Glass Width: 569mm
Glass Height: 569mm
Glass Type: 2mm Float Glass

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