Rocaille Angels - Silver Framed print

Rocaille Angels - Silver Framed print


A fine art print of the watercolour, ink and gold leaf original of Rococo Angels painted at Somerset House, depicting a neoclassical fantasy tableaux.

An abundant flora and fauna of vines, vases, fairy characters and cherubim draw parallels with the significance of the architecture which enfolds cities and dwellings, lending aesthetic enchantment. The central role of the bridge transports the viewer into a lake filled with a golden moon, waterlillies and a giant carp blowing bubbles, in a fairytale fantasy illustration.

The Rococo Angels is printed on cotton rag Innova etching 315g fine art paper, and double mounted in Pale Ivory and New Cream. The frame is FSC® Pine with a silver metallic stain finish on the moulding, custom framed by hand by Fine Art Trade Guild commended framers.

The cotton rag Innova etching 315g fine art paper print provides a highly accurate replication of the original, depicting the fine gold leaf and with excellent translation of colour. The paper is permanently bonded onto a board to prevent wrinkling, in a process referred to as ‘Dry Mounting’.

All of the mount card that is used conforms to the Fine Art Guild Conservation Standard and is FSC® certified. All of the mount board that is used is manufactured in the Lake District by James Cropper PLC who make the only FSC® certified mount boards currently available in the world.

Mounts are cut on a 45° bevel on the aperture and square cut on the outside edge.

Framed in an silver metallic moulding over FSC® registered pine to add elegance and style to luxury interiors.

Frame Size: 373mm x 445mm 

Paper: Innova Etching 315gsm Cotton Rag Soft Texture

Double mount

Top: Pale Ivory mount

Bottom: New Cream mount

Frame: FSC® registered pine

Moulding: Silver

External frame size: 373 x 445mm

Glazing: 2mm Float Glass

Accessories & Services: Cotton Rag Innova etching fine art paper 315g on Backboard

The FSC® certification ensures that there is:

  • No slave labour used in production

  • No destruction of habitat for endangered species

  • No destruction of indigenous peoples' way of life

  • No pollution of forest regions

  • No over-harvesting of forestry adding to climate change

The World Wildlife Fund says: “By choosing FSC® certified forest products, you can be sure where they’ve come from. They won’t have been harvested in a way that causes irreversible damage to forests, people and wildlife.

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