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Award winning creative director, stylist and events producer. Eco luxury invitations, gifts, personal styling, interior decoration, and sustainable design.

A Tale of Goblins

'It was a blustery night in the Goblin Den. The wind ricocheted throughout the book lined branches causing the pages shudder from the leaves and ripple throughout the little room. Dugglegun & Brandy had hoarded many treasures inside the Cavern, books written from times of yore, golden treasure boxes filled with pearls, and feathers, tales of magic and sorcery, unusual oddities. ForgetmeNot, the beautiful fairy, stirred the cauldron as outside the wind howled.... Through the breezes they heard a song lilted as a flute.. A Siren Mermaid from the Deep Blue called to them from across the divide.... Was it time for them to adventure forth to collect treasures anew? From what land did she call?'

Performance Collaboration with Civilised Mess

Art Direction, Script, Styling & Set Design by Holly Jade O'Leary

Performance by Civilised Mess and Rosie Mclean

Make Up & Prosthetics by Grace McCominsky at Civilised Mess

Assistant Director: Luke Wentworth

Costumes by Prangsta Costumiers