Joie de VIvre

It was beautiful, magical
— Ana Seferovic, Library bookings manager, December 2016






Immersive, enchanting festive entertainment staged at London's most exclusive Library, private member's club - December 2016.

Image by Stephen Brockerton
Photography by Stephen Brocketon
Photography by Stephen Brockerton

Holly Jade O'Leary designed the production of 'Joie de Vivre' staged at Library private members' club on 3rd December 2016.  She staged an intimate avant garde fantasia filled with extraordinary performers, carefully chosen by her, and collaborated with on site make up and hair styling team 'The Bardou', sustainable fine jewellery brand Lily Flo Jewellery, Stylist Gosia Wollinska, TV presenter, model and cultural writer Emma Dabiri to create the promotional footage.

...An exquisite, exclusive variety show filled with the night with magic, music and laughter.

 Photography by Alessia Chinazzo

Photography by Alessia Chinazzo

Library is a private members' club deep in the heart of London's theatre land Covent Garden. To do the walls filled with books, poetry and art, the stained glass window and wall of light justice on one of the busiest nights of the Christmas calendar I worked with an incredible, heartfelt lighting design team and created bespoke, costumed characters and laser cut illustrations and invitations evocative, and perhaps a little drawn from those novels and stories which have influenced me; folklores, classical literature, African fairytale 'The Story of the Fairy Foxes with Wings of the Night Mists'. 

Culture which is relevant,  that gently positions environmentalism and engaging in positive practices, yet is also ethereal, playful and a little other worldly in my signature style. 

The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company entranced with choreographed dance performances and classically inspired music in 'The Fairy Emporium'.. a tableaux which combine mysticism, 1930's film noire and fairy tales to evocative effect.

The Fairy Emporium - a textile art collection by Holly Jade O'Leary featured corseting and layers of crystals and gemstones layered like an armour of stardust. The showcase was accompanied by 'Dance Til Dawn' a luxury sustainable jewellery collection by emerging sustainable designer Lily Flo Jewellery.

One of the key imperatives of the event was to set the pace of the party scene in showcasing how important sustainable production, social responsibility and a supply chain free of exploitation is to today's market, to present an engaging approach that combines fantasy art, high fashion and quality production values.

Holly kindly asked us to work on this exceptional project with her, to which were truly honoured and thrilled. We’ve worked with Holly before and this project seemed like a perfect fit from the concept. Our Autumn Winter 2016 collection, Dance Til Dawn, is inspired by The Great Gatsby; the glamour and decadence of the 1920’s, with iconic stars and moons and sustainably sourced gemstones and just like Holly we’ve taken this with a very modern London vibe. The jewellery fits Holly’s vision and as a brand that is hand made responsibly here in London, we are just so thrilled to collaborate and really show how a sustainably produced, London made brand can be cool and relevant to today’s market.
— Diana Sherling, Lily Flo Jewellery

The night lead into dancing and cocktails, exquisite aromathery and cruelty free beauty gifts delivered by our wonderful sponsor 'Kiss the Moon' swing and blues classics, more music, culture and poetry, living tableaux inspired by the Zeigfeld Follies by the vintage starlets at The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company, culminating in exquisite, ethereal live choral arrangements and music by one of London's most exciting new bands.


A sneak peak behind from behind scenes in 'the making of Joie de Vivre:'

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