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Molly Crabapple

Another collaboration with Ellen Rogers, a friend and one of my favourite auteurs.

All analogue photographer Ellen uses a secret, unique technique of directly painting onto her prints to colour them..

This shoot was such a pleasure to work on.

Molly Crabapple is an huge inspiration to me; a human rights worker and burlesque dancer who manages to sensitively combine fantasia circus illustrations with political activism, original writing and journalism. She retains poise and feminity whilst circumscribing and delineating some of the world's bleakest circumstances.

She has travelled across the world writing for Vice magazine, illustrating human rights situations, such as the persecution and solitary confinement of the Dallas Six, in the Restricted Housing Unit of Pennsylvania's State Correctional Institution. 

n. In this shoot we were briefly joined by my dear friend Colin, who's rabid alter ego 'Bang Crosby'; can be seen crackling through London's cabaret and rocknroll circuit, currently as front man of Bad Fractals. His beautiful Spanish girlfriend had just broken up with him, so he joined us a harlequin ringmaster and we created a series of Victoriana fantasy cirque vignettes.

A beautiful, melancholic, faintly absurd and exquisitely surreal timeless set of poetic imagery lit by Prangsta's exquisite couture and theatrical premises. 


A combination of our joint tendancies to sensual, absurd, melancholic beauty can be found in the exquisite poetry of these images against the backdrop of Prangsta's inviting interior and exquisitely refined costumiery.



Costume Designer: