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Award winning creative director, stylist and events producer. Eco luxury invitations, gifts, personal styling, interior decoration, and sustainable design.


In this entrancing, powerfully evocative series of images based around the 8 of Swords, the the Devil, the High Priestess and the World in the Tarot, Ellen and I began to explore the creation of our own deck of cards, a series of conceptual images exploring certain characters. The models are  Bink, and Kat, the sets are created at Prangsta Costumiers.

As I begin to reflect, I cannot say the that I would necessarily always recommend use of the Tarot. The occult is powerful, beautiful, and dangerous.

Many of us seek visions, healing and inspiration in a form which we cannot always turn to a friend, family member or lover to find, guidance that cannot always be found in a textbook or the interior of a surgery. We nurture the forces of art, adapting the circumstances to create beauty in replica of a transcendental will, attach our own will to a symbol, in translation; a journey to become more pure, more authentic, to dance, at one with the world.

The final card XXI, is this character: a goddess of love and creation, sometimes depicted as an beautiful hermaphrodite, Venus, the morning star of love, at one with the world and in a constant reflection of the dance of creation.