The Muses of Ourania

A play by Holly Jade O'Leary.

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The Muses of Ourania explores the human relationship to animals, nature and the environment, in a vividly beautiful, moving, and gently humorous experiential fantasy production.

Immersive theatre, ballet, circus arts, plant based gastronomy, myth, and high fashion couture combine in a creative production commissioned by Viona Art Studio for their annual ball at Schloss Heinrichhorst Castle.

Holly Jade O'Leary draws upon elements of classical mythology, 'the berocca' a misshapen pearl, the shape of the seasons and worldwide folklore to create a unique dance, theatre and live music production featuring some of Europe's finest talent (please see the production accreditation below).

The Muses of Ourania questions the human relationship to the environment, nature and animals,  illuminating a new perspective as the Elven Prince and Venus Lakshmi momentarily embody the spirit of the 15 billion birds trapped in industrial and battery farming communicated through ballet. 

Guests are met at the entrance of the castle by the muses. They remove their shoes, their hands are washed and they are given a tincture to drink, and lead to be seated for a Japanese Tea Ceremony. From the table, they watched the production unfold.

They are on a journey to Ourania. In the enchanted gardens, filled with sculptures, nature is alive. A feline snake dryad falls from the air, is it a bird? Is it a cat? Is it a woman?

Gemini, the feline snake dryad, The Elven Prince and Venus Lakshmi - The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company. Martjin Cruyff (c)

Gemini, the feline snake dryad, The Elven Prince and Venus Lakshmi - The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company. Martjin Cruyff (c)

Oriental Tribal Dancers first appear to be slender silver trees, moving under the breath of the wind. Eventually the journey leads to the gates of the castle, where the audience is met by a golden Siren. Will she let you pass?

Inside the castle, Ourania is hosting a banquet, and mythic creatures are visiting to join her. They bring gifts, speak of their travels. All of the constellations are here, time is still and beautiful, and they shine in illumination. Anyone could travel through the stars, through time. Even Victory is here, with a golden chariot, wreathed in flowers. The Peacock Angel performs a dance of 1000 eyes.

One of the cherubims begins to weep as a feather falls from his wings, and the frivolities cease. He takes a feather in his hand and draws a circle in air, and the an image of Earth from a distance appears. Another cherubim spins Earth from within a globe, and more of the beautiful, plump cherubs join them. They are sad, because 15 billion birds have been trapped behind cages on earth, and illuminate a gold cage, pushed the the brim with frightened creatures.

From here, the Elven Prince, appears to take the guise of a winged spirit, joined by Venus Lakshmi in her pale feathers. The plight of the caged birds become their plight, communicated through ballet, within choreography which moves from flight to imprisonment, and their ethereal movements become a voice, an echo, which Ourania answers.

As an organ resounds in a dramatic eturgy, Ourania opens the cage, and Venus Lakshmi soars into the air, free.

The muses flock to the stage within their silvery, enchanting robes, the air is twinkling, and they set roses within the hair of the guests, and the guests of the banquet.

Red Lady Faith appears in a hoop, and a spanish guitarist draws classical music from the strings of the guitar. The characters move from the banquet to dance. A whisk shivers across drums, and a Latin beat. The dancers partner in the ballroom for a spectacular finale.

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With thanks to

Gentle Gin

Holly Jade O'Leary organised drinks sponsorship on behalf of Viona Art Studio. Gentle Gin sourced a unique blend of regional herbs from Rogätz, to distill their small batch gin to compliment the event, and provided staff.

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With thanks to

Kimatica Studio

The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company collaborated in experiential production design with Kimatica Studio to immersive actors and guests in digital kinetic light sculptures.

The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company presents 'The Muses of Ourania'

Client: Viona Art Studio

Location: Schloss Heinrichhorst Castle

Director: Holly Jade O'Leary

Writer: Holly Jade O'Leary

Production assistance: Kimatica Studio

Digital kinetic sculpture: Kimatica Studio

Cast: Andrea Galad, Chiara Fersini, Lady Dellal El Khomsi, Avital Williams, Nathan French, Anna Kennedy, Michael Kmita

Costume Design: Nathan French, Holly Jade O'Leary, Rosie Von Boschan

Head Dress: Magdelena Chiconska, Holly Jade O'Leary

Make Up and Hair Styling: Magdelena Chiconska

Choreographer: Andrea Galad

Film and Video Production: Ian Stpht

Photographer: Martjin Kruyff, Thomas Bunge, Viona Art Studio

Sponsor: Gentle Gin