The Muses of Ourania

A play by Holly Jade O'Leary.

Mystical, magical immersive theatre and high fashion fantasy.

A bespoke fantasia was commissioned by Viona Art Studio and produced by The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company for 'The Noble Blood Vampire Ball' staged at Schloss Heinrichhorst Castle.

Holly Jade O'Leary draws upon elements of classical mythology, 'the berocca' a misshapen pearl, the shape of the seasons and worldwide folklore to create a unique dance, theatre and live music production featuring some of Europe's finest talent (please see the production accreditation below).

She also organised drinks sponsorship by Gentle Gin who distilled a unique blend of regional herbs to accompany the play.

This independent production is available to commission in 2017.




Enter a jewelled temple, met by the sacred mysterious muses upon entrance.  

The Muses wash your hands, your mouth is washed with tincture of myrhh.

You are seated for a Japanese tea ceremony.

The light shifts.

 The castle's walls flicker with violet ivy upon ivory, as the beings of a timeless land appear..

Will The Golden Siren let you pass?

 See - we are not of this world.

See - we are made of stardust. Together we fly.

Oriental Shakti dancers, the cobra and the dryads, sensuous and ethereal silhouettes wrought of fire and moon.

In an evocative cirque tale the feline snake dryad reveals the animals in the clearing:

The story unfolds, as The Elven Prince searches for his wings, the graceful Venus Lakshmi, part woman, part swan is on a journey..  for a brief moment in time they lend themselves to symbolise all of the animals trapped behind cages, some no bigger than an A4 size of paper.  They are in so much pain that their sense impressions are sending a call throughout the cosmos for assistance, invisible yet palpable as a layer of ozone surrounds the earth. 

Would you open the cage?

The magical Peacock Angel Sorceror and his playful ways.

The Stardust Chimeras, Ourania in her many guises

'The creatures of the night move by mood...

The creatures of the day amaze you.'

The longest distance a bird has soared in migration is 3 and a half times the distance to the moon and back. In 2015, New Zealand passed the Animal Welfare amendment bill, to legally recognise all animals as sentient.

Ourania, the celestial mystery appears in various guises and forms throughout cultures and mythology.

From the ancient Babylonian star of Venus - Ishtar, to the Arabian Al-Uzza, to the 9th Muse and the Eldest Fate, grandmother, golden mother of sea & sky, followed by astrologers and philosophers for her gifts of divine illumination, inspiration, beauty, art, wisdom and peace.

Birds are sacred to her daughter, Aphrodite, the goddess of Love.


Accreditation: The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company presents 'The Muses of Ourania'

Cast: Andrea Galad, Chiara Fersini, Lady Dellal El Khomsi, Avital Williams, Nathan French, Anna Kennedy, Michael Kmita

Costume Design: Nathan French, Holly Jade O'Leary, Rosie Von Boschan

Head Dress: Magedelena Chiconska, Holly Jade O'Leary

Make Up and Hair Styling: Magdelena Chiconska

Choreographer: Andrea Galad

Writer: Holly Jade O'Leary

Director: Holly Jade O'Leary

Film and Video Production: Ian Stpht

Photographer: Martjin Kruff

Client: Viona Art Studio

Location: Schloss Heinrichhorst Castle