the modern MUSe

Stylish modern classics in a contemporary capsule wardrobe.

The Modern Muse collection features affordable, sustainable luxury, manufactured by small, artisan factories in the UK to ensure excellent working conditions. The simple thought behind it was: "what do I want to wear?"

These staple garments prioritise minimal chic and a transparent supply chain. The attire is designed to lend artistic sophistication to the ambitious working wardrobe, and moves easily from the gym, to pitching in meetings, to beach or city breaks, to dates, exhibitions, and fine dining. 

The fine wool in the 'Juno' collection is sourced from a 3 generation family run mill in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

GOTS certified organic cotton and lappet lace has been used, and alternatives to real silk have been sought. The 'Venus' backless evening dress features high quality, and very unusual 'cotton sateen' that glows with a starry lustre, and the elegant white bamboo silk dress features similar light reflective properties and lovely drape.

The digitally printed fine art satin bomber jacket and leggings are the only products in this collection which are made using polyester, printed with eco-ink and manufactured in London. All other products are created using responsibly sourced fabrics and natural fibres.



Thank you so much to our lovely production crew.

Photographer: Duncan Telford

Creative director & designer: Holly Jade O'Leary

Models: Alexa Waters, Galuh Alifani, Monica Ariel

Make up artist: Corina Selaru Dumitriu

Ethical fine jewellery: Lily Flo Jewellery

Vegan luxury footwear: NAK Fashion

Styling Assistants: Laura Moss, Guy Sangster-Adams