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The Enchanted Garden

The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company created a ‘Once Upon A Time’ fairytale installation for DI Events Masquerade Ball at Home House.

Holly Jade O'Leary produced conceptual entertainment, writing a storyline, casting, directing the costume department, technical specifications, music and post production of the event.


The Enchanted Garden Masquerade Ball

The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company provided  a 'Once Upon A Time' installation for DI Events at Home House

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London’s enchanted world is coming out to play.

Laying juxtaposed in the midst of modernity and historical eccentricity, London lives & breathes like a symphony. The joining of more than 500 years of contrasting, magical components creating a unique cohesion of beauty, art, culture, creativity & even engineering. The myths, legends and history that are held in the city’s streets and buildings inspire artists from all over the world to create magic. 

ONce upon A time

 Once Upon A Time - Exquisite fairy cabaret, poetry and immersive interludes laden with starspelled glamour, the creatures of the jewelled moon gracefully charm and entertain the guests of The Enchanted Garden.

The Enchanted Garden Sarah.jpg

"Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist "– Rene Magritte

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Client: DI Events

Location: Home House

Creative Director: Holly Jade O’Leary

Cast: Holly Jade O’Leary, Sorcha Jane Mcmorrow

Make up artist: Corina Selaru Dimitriu


Once Upon A Time

An intimate concert of classical guitar music and poetry recital accompanied by dancers provided enchanting fairytale setting for guests to mingle.

The Home House décor was furnished by exotic plants provided by The Kew Gardener which brought the Enchanted Garden into bloom. A digital display of Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelite inspired paintings by Kavita-Priya Mohan provided the backdrop for an interactive fashion show and live entertainment.