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The Liberty Foundation's Belle Epoque Feelgood Ball

The Liberty Foundation staged a spectacular 'Belle Epoque' themed charity gala fundraiser at The Sheraton Hotel

Prangsta Entertainment directed by Holly Jade O'Leary delivered an intriguing storyline, based around an interactive story of a moonboat journey to a fantasia land filled with wizards, white mice contortionists, beautiful dancers, stardust harlequins, an ethereal princess, and a big brass and soul band.

An additional provision of a resplendent styling boudoir and make up artists and hair stylists, and a luxury photo arena was made, so that guests could participate in the games and receive their own professional portraits from Simulcra Studio of the gala as a cherished souvenir. 

Holly Jade O’Leary directed the production of The Liberty Foundation's Belle Époque Feelgood Ball, from facilitating production design and plans for the tables, set design, props and character creation with the design studio, to arranging media communications, storyline, casting of performance, stage management and fittings with guests of the high profile event.

The Feelgood Ball was staged at The Sheraton Grand Hotel, and included a champagne dinner, sit down dinner, a live charity auction and immersive entertainment, transporting guests a magical world of a Venetian harlequin circus, with beautiful dancers, wizards and white mice contortionists. The evening concluded with a live DJ set from Mike Skinner.

Liberty Learning Centre provides education for up to forty pre-scical booking and back line facilitation, risk assessments, contractual obligations, production schedule, event management, artist liason, accounts, and post production to deliver a cohesive, unforgettable occasion of calibre entertainment with a compassionate message. The Liberty Foundation supports school children in the local community of Ladyville, including those with special needs. The Foundation draws from the Montessori educational approach - originally developed for underprivileged children - and focuses on working with each child to develop independence, confidence and a desire to learn.

The liberty foundatioN presents The Belle Époque February Feelgood Ball

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Liberty Foundation's third annual fundraiser transported guests to the decadence of the Belle Époque fantasy era, combining the romantic elegance of this period with the heady world of the vintage circus and the Parisien Moulin Rouge. Guests were entertained throughout the evening by weird and wonderful performances from contortionists, wizards, goddesses and showgirls with the opportunity to delve into the vast array of theatrical costumes and accessories in the Prangsta Boudoir. A lavish sit down dinner was served before high energy swing and gypsy jazz band, The Smokey Taps, took to the stage. The evening will took a contemporary twist with an eclectic DJ set from Mike Skinner, which kept the the party spirit up till 2:00am.

- Champagne reception
- The Smokey Taps, swing and gypsy jazz
- Weird and wonderful performances...contortionists, wizards, goddesses, showgirls...
- Prangsta Boudoir, vintage and theatrical costumes/accessories
- Lavish sit down dinner
- Live auction

-Mike Skinner DJ set

All proceeds went towards to Liberty Children's Home, caring for abused and abandoned children in Belize.

Holly Jade O'Leary oversaw all aspects of the production; from the initial event conception and curation, casting, interior decor, fittings, technical booking and back line facilitation, risk assessments, contracts, production schedule, event management, artist liason, accounts, and post production to deliver a cohesive, unforgettable occasion of calibre entertainment with a compassionate message.


The Liberty Foundation exists to provide care and education for abused and abandoned children in Belize, Central America.

They are a small charity with a big focus on providing high quality services for children in Belize. Their vision has always been to give children much more than just shelter and food.

In 2003 Marcelle Delahaye, Founder of Liberty Foundation, spent a significant time in Belize and visited children’s homes across the country. She saw a clear need for an alternative residential facility for children in the Belize City area who had been abandoned, or removed from their home due to abuse. The Liberty Foundation’s annual gala raised funding at the Belle Epoque February Feelgood Ball through a live auction.

The Belle Epoque Feel Good Ball

Client: The Liberty Foundation / Prangsta Entertainment

Production manager: Holly Jade O’Leary

Costume Designer: Prangsta Costumiers

Set Design: Prangsta Costumiers

Cast: Vicky Butterfly, The Smokey Taps, Avi and Gaia, Dott Cotton & Alex, Betty Madimi, Scarah Jolie-Laide, Louise Mason, Equador Zaha

Technical direction: Gemma Delahaye

Photography: Ben Moore, Simulcra Studio