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The Story of the Fairy Foxes with Wings of the Night Mists

'The Story of the Fairy Foxes with Wings of the Night Mists'

In collaboration with The Bardou at The Library private member's club, Holly Jade O'Leary styled TV presenter, cultural journalist and SOAS lecturer Emma Dabiri in unique textile art couture created using reclaimed materials, with ethical fine jewellery by Lily Flo Jewellery, photographed by Alessia Chinazzo.

The Story of the Fairy Foxes With Wings of the Night Mists is a Ugandan folk tale. We illuminated the ethical jewellery industry, encouraging consumers to examine the provenance of their jewellery.

Irish-Nigerian writer and presenter Emma Dabiri covers a wide range of subjects, from explorations of Afrofuturism fusing technology and science with folklore and mythology, for BBC Radio 4, to publishing 'Don't Touch My Hair, exploring the politics of black girls and confidently setting an example for young girls.

In The Story of the Fairy Foxes with Wings of the Night Mists, a Ugandan fairytale is adapted as we raise awareness about the Gold Kacha project jeweller Greg Valerio is staging in Busia district, Uganda, installing Mercury free gold extractor machines on behalf of Environmental Women for Action and Development.

Mercury and Cyanide have a toxic effect on the nervous system and their use is prevalent within the artisanal mining as cheap catalysts to make the extraction process quicker. For many miners, this is the only way of making a living, and they earn a subsistence wage. Cred Foundation highlighting generational child labour, and the 150 million artisanal miners across the world in receipt of a subsistence wage. Cred Foundation and Fairtrade gold have pioneered the ethically jewellery industry, ensuring that mines are regulated. The price of Fairtrade gold is linked to the LBA, with an assurance that 15% of profit made will be rreinvested into education and social development within the local community’s infrastructure. The jewellery industry still remains largely unregulated - we ask for people to ask at the counter whether their jewellery is certified Fairtrade, or offers a traceable and transparent supply chain?

Photography: Alessia Chinazzo:

Make Up: Victoria at The Bardou:

Location: Library, members' club, London:

Model: Emma Dabiri:

Designer: Holly Jade O'Leary:

Jewellery: Lily Flo Jewellery: